Lone Paddle photo by Dolf Vermeulen

Photo: Dolf Vermeulen


Lonepaddle Conservationists is a British Columbia not‑for‑profit society founded by David Jensen, a conservationist, adventurer and paddle boarder. Lonepaddle undertakes shoreline cleanups in remote areas of BC that are extremely difficult to access.

David Jensen

Photo: Dolf Vermeulen

Always an outdoor enthusiast, David started paddle boarding in 2017. A passion was born!

In 2020, he did a 79-day solo trip around the north and west coast of Vancouver Island (Port Hardy to Tofino), cleaning shorelines as he went. In 2021, David paddled from San Josef Bay to Lowrie Bay digging out and compiling more than a tonne of debris most of it from damaging fishing practices.

“These adventures taught me many things. As well as the shock of the amount of marine debris that is destroying our beautiful remote shorelines, I gained a deeper respect for our oceans and the environment in general, and I learned how to forage and fish and find 75 percent of my daily nutrition from the land and the sea.

“And, as I paddle these waters, explore and clean the shorelines, and eat the fruits of the land, I acknowledge that I’m travelling in the traditional territory of the Quatsino First Nation. It is a privilege I do not take lightly.”

David founded the LonePaddle Conservationists Society in 2022.

If you would like to get on board and help clean up some of British Columbia’s most remote shorelines, you can make an e-transfer donation. For more information, contact us here.

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