Photo: David Jensen

2021: San Josef Bay to Lowrie Bay

In 2021, David travelled by paddleboard from San Josef Bay to Lowrie Bay on the west coast of Vancouver Island where he collected more than one tonne (about 1,000 kilograms) of garbage that was 80 per cent fishing debris and 20 per cent from the tsunami.

David dug nets deeply buried in sand, and wrapped and wedged in logs and rocks. He retrieved massive amounts of Styrofoam and other flotsam that was blocked by log jams up to 15 feet high. After 16 days, he was joined by crew and volunteers from Living Oceans The debris was bagged and then flown out by West Coast Helicopters  to a drop zone where it was sorted again and picked up by a truck and taken to a recycling or landfill facility for the last stage of sorting the garbage from the recyclables.

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