Lonepaddle Conservationists Society is committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal information and complies with BC’s Personal Information and Privacy Act and Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation.

Personal information

Personal information is any information that is identifiable to you as an individual.

We do not collect any personal information about individuals who browse or visit us (see statistical information below) unless otherwise stated or if the individual chooses to provide information to us.

We do collect personal information that individuals share with us through the contact page or the Interac e-Transfer process.

Any personal information collected is not used for marketing purposes unless the individual asked to be included in our outreach efforts, for example to be included in our mailing list to receive updates on our activities.

We do not disclose, share or sell your personal information.

Personal information is stored in our database on a secure server.

Statistical information

When individuals browse this website, we collect and store the following statistical information for the purpose of traffic analysis.

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address of the domain from which you access the Internet (e.g., 123.456.789.012) whether it is your personal address or provided as a proxy by your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Date and time you access our site
  • Pages you view (recorded by the text and graphic files that compose that page)
  • Internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our site.

We use the summary statistics to help us make our site more useful to visitors and for determining the site's technical design specifications and identifying system performance or problem areas. This information is not shared with anyone, except when required by law enforcement investigation, and is used only as a source of anonymous statistical information.

Policy updates and changes

Lonepaddle may change this policy without notice. Any changes will be reflected on this page.

For more information

If you have questions or would like more information about our privacy policy, please contact us at info@lonepaddle.org

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