SEPTEMBER 7–11, 2022

Notes received from David Jensen via MapShare Garmin


Wednesday, September 7: I’m back where it began, at cache 1, after tackling the biggest sea I've ever paddle boarded!!  What an adventure. Even some porpoises checked me out.  Too bad my battery died before I got to shore. Got some good footage but Gopro 8 super glitchy.

I'm just going to hang here until the sea calms. Won’t attempt the river mouth (San Josef) just yet. I'm good here. There’s a lot more food and I can still fish even when it's three-metre seas. If things get too much I can just take my surf sup in and come back for the other stuff when it's calmed. I think I might have a good entry for the Starboard Tiki Challenge.

I may be silent for a couple days; no sun, and batteries are depleted. Gopro batteries are dead too. So that’s it for now, Lonepaddle out.

Friday, September 9: Here I am Day 29 -- I'm safe and sound, fed and watered. I’ll be heading into Port Hardy in the next few days for some supplies. Learned some stuff for next year but overall I think it was a successful expedition.  The helicopter pickup is delayed by a week so it’s now the 17th and 18th  I’ll be coordinating a flight plan with Living Oceans for extraction of debris collected, plus a trip to the Scott Islands for a day’s work.

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