SEPTEMBER 17 – 18, 2022

Notes received from David Jensen via MapShare Garmin


Saturday, September 17: Great to be out here again after spending the last few days in Port Hardy. Flew out early this morning from Cape Scott parking lot and have been working all day on Cox Island. With the help of a Living Oceans volunteer crew; we’ve collected 16 bags of debris and many strings of floats. It was a great effort but there is so much more there to do. It is the most polluted place. It’s a real privilege to be working with such a hard working group of volunteers. I’m looking forward to us working together to get my caches removed tomorrow.

Right now, I’m under starry skies, dreaming of next year’s endeavors and how my skills and techniques are evolving. Thinking about how the more I eat off the land, the deeper my connection grows. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat”.

Sunday, September 18:  Day 2 of the helicopter lift and happy to report everything got flown out, everybody came back safe and the weather was beautiful just for some icing on the cake.

Excellent results today. We must have lifted 4-5 tons of debris. All told I would say about 180 hours work from me, plus some bits of flesh!

I'm signing off for the Lonepaddle Summer 2022 Expedition and declaring it a success.

I’ll be posting video footage and more detailed stories in the next week or two.

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