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Sunday, August 28:  What a day. Got the @ kicked out of me. A proper storm, everything wet, emergency evasive action required. Good west coast welcome.

But I'm good now, camp is set to dry blazing 🔥. Good news is water won't be a problem and I managed to get 1/2 bag and 80+ floats. Hey, the day is young. Found some nettle to add to rice tonight, not going near that angry sea for a bit. I`m chilling, listening to the wind and surf, old trees talking, remembering how ‘lively’ it was today. Another good lesson.

Wednesday, August 31: I’ve collected at a guess 2-3 tons, yesterday being the largest amount -- 1 bag, 3 cubic meters of Styrofoam, and around 100 floats and rope!!

Up till now, it's been about cleanup, but I need to heal a bit, have some r&r, and do a bit of surfing. Holding up well, but this work takes its toll. Finishing up at cache 10 and, if the weather allows, I'm heading to Lowrie Bay at high tide.

6pm: Well I made it! It was a tough paddle: 15 – 25 knot headwind + gusts, 2 ft. chop, and 4 – 6 ft. swell. A pack of eight or so sea lions followed me the whole way.

Friday, September 2: Got two black cod and six mussels yesterday, feeling better, but I'm staring down the last bit of coast I can clean up this year. Supplies are low with less than a week of food and fuel, so I’m wondering whether I should leave around the 8th or wait till the 10th for the helicopter. I’m leaning towards leaving. I figure I’ve got about four days of work in this area and north to Hansons Lagoon. The incoming storm is prohibiting my paddling efforts so I’ll be on foot.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted about my ever-changing plans. Still enjoy the challenges, but health is the cornerstone.

Saturday, September 3: It’s Day 24 and stormy and wet! I got the south half of Lowrie Bay done-ish. Have some mussels and gooseneck barnacles and will have with rice for dinner.

Surf is picking up, I heard up to 3-4 meters. Lowrie Bay was spared from the storms last winter, no more inundation, or erosion. A few plants have taken over the beach, and a lot less wood here too. Streams are clean of debris. It looks like it should -- 100% natural.

Seeing lots of red-legged frogs. There are a couple of wolves and a big bear in the area too, wonder if it's the bear from 2019. Going to work the north beach tomorrow.

Sunday, September 4: It`s a beautiful morning, red sunrise, no surf though. 😞

Serious rains yesterday exposed a bunch of rope and nets, so the challenge today is to dig them out before high tide buries them again.

Later: It`s evening here now and the weather went from a beast yesterday to an absolutely beautiful day. I`ve focused mostly on the creeks today, only did another 200ft of shoreline. Fished and on the second cast, I got a snapper. Eating well right now but definitely feel the body tiredness, what took me to cover a day with full preserves, now takes two.

Originally I meant to resupply after a week or two, depending on how far I got but I changed as the plan evolved to get as much done as I could before the 10th when the helicopter is expected.

I wonder if I could get supplies brought in with the helicopter so I might stay for a vacation after the work is done on the 11th. Did I say vacation? No, I meant research, research for next year.

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