AUGUST 20 – 27, 2022

Notes received from David Jensen via MapShare Garmin


Saturday August 20: Set up camp, did some clean up started 4th lift site. I’ve changed strategy now that it’s confirmed helicopter comes on 10th September.

No water or fire wood here, but loads of food: silverweed, sea plantain and sea asparagus, some yarrow and salal berries, then there's the green crab, lowest tide is middle of the night.

Saw four bears today, one I ran into on Helen Islands earlier, never seen so many bears!!

Tomorrow I search for water, creeks are dried to just seepage.

Monday, August 22: Good day, south half of the bay is done, heavy load, at least 600lbs lots of rope, half a canoe, lots of plastic wrap, auto parts, I suspect from the Zim Kingston.

By the way, if anyone was hoping to get tailgate protectors, I have 14 so far. Heading to Helen Islands tomorrow

Tuesday August 23: Overwhelmed by the amount here on Helen Islands (easily a ton), need rope and nets, thinking I’ll have to camp here after Sea Otter Cove area. Tough ground, major log jams, rocky bluffs and lots of wolf activity.

It’s 4 pm, Oi! It was a tough morning, wind and swell came up fast. First pass of Cape Russel, 80 floats, all sizes. I decided to head back to camp early and in the nick of time as the swell doubled in size and the wind came to 20-30 knots. Almost got trapped, but always keep one eye on the weather!

Back at the islands drying out,—sun is out finally, haven’t seen much of it in the last five days so now I’m charging everything.

Ran into a great family yesterday — Dwane, Sarah and their two kids — they became my first volunteer crew. Check out their website.

Wednesday, August 24: Been a long day and feeling worked! I was a bit ambitious trying to get the Sea Otter Cove done today, lots of heavy lifting, rope tangles. I'm heading back to camp to rest. Maybe I’ll try for a fish this evening and wrap things up tomorrow.

Thursday, August 25: Another long day just finished with Sea Otter Cover cache 6. Heavy, probably 800 lbs. It’s only 5 pm maybe I have time to look for my sunglasses that I lost somewhere. LOL.

Friday, August 26: Went for a walk and estimate there is, in this 2 km stretch, as much debris as I've collected so far, or more. I’m stunned and overwhelmed by the amount. Shot some video to show you why.

Found a decent spot to camp, nice view. Sun's out everything fully charged, mussels and fish 100ft away. Might take a look in the forest soon.

It’s 10 pm, I’m day dreaming about this stretch (Cape Russel) north of me where I can't paddle, and wondering how I could clean it up. Maybe I could be dropped by helicopter, with food and water for a week at a time. Ideally I could do 1-3 trips a month, starting end of March. I could still do ‘paddleable’ areas too. Just a matter of money really!

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